Haibin SU (蘇海斌)

Theoretical & Computational Chemistry Lab.
Department of Chemistry
Room 4521, Lifts 25/26
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong, China
Phone: (852) 2358-7388
Fax: (852) 2358-1594
E-mail: haibinsu@ust.hk




Development and application of theoretical and computational materials science; Quantum-mechanical and classical simulations
of the electronic, structural, energetic and dynamical properties of functional materials for meeting environmental and energy needs;
Emergent collective properties of condensed matter systems, in particular, at nanometer scales.

Recent Partial Publications: (Preprints available upon request; Full List of Publications at ORCID)

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Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme

The applicants of PhD program with outstanding academic records are encouraged to apply for the prestigious Hong Kong PhD Fellowship.
Established by the Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong in 2009, the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) aims at attracting
the best and brightest students in the world to pursue their PhD studies in Hong Kong's institutions.

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